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FILM VAULT is a digital learning environment promoting ways Film Education may become key element in school curricula. Its point of departure being film's great potential in shaping meaning, in providing access to culture and cultural heritage, in deciphering language. In view of film education and audience development, FILM VAULT delivers knowledge that enables teachers and students alike to understand film education's benefits, to develop critical thinking and to express creatively.

Engaging students in an aesthetically enticing, multi-layered experience, school screenings motivate critical approach to curriculum subjects and offer diverse perspectives for the re-evaluation of key assumptions. Familiarizing, primarily, with the meaningful units of film language, students learn how to decode symbols, mostly the visual, how to observe, search for meaning, concentrate.
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USE the online film catalog to familiarize students with European Film and Film Education. This is departure point for teachers in search of films to inspire and support curriculum subjects, or, film educators looking for resources to film-making seminars. 
Motivating film learning experiences, the collections bring to users sophisticated film lists grouped under different thematic areas and ideological challenges.   Enjoy hands-on projects and other youth-orientated activities using  film as  a vehicle for creative expression. This section hosts information on projects running and on projects complete

EUFORIA second conference

EUFORIA II 2016-2017, the second edition of the European program EUFORIA (Creative Europe-MEDIA), is officially launched with the 2nd European Conference “MEDIA EDUCATION in action”, which will be held on Sunday, February 5th, 2017, in TIFF’s Pavlos Zannas theatre.
The conference is organized by the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, main administrator of the program EUFORIA, in collaboration with its European partners Społeczna Akademia Nauk (Poland) and Laterna Magica (Hungary).

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EUFORIA first conference

The Conference’s main sessions demonstrated current state of Film Literacy in all three European countries, offered an overview of the situation and brought to surface the absence rather than the presence of film literacy from structured cultural and educational policies. 

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EUFORIA first conference

The conference opened the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education, Research & Religion, Mr. Ioannis Pantis, who, in his opening-speech, highlighted the importance of Film Education and the Ministry’s intention to approach education quality-wise and not on the basis of numbers.

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