St Student Projects
Film is a powerful means for learning. Film-making takes things even further.  Through Hands-on Projects EUFORIA aims to develop, in teachers and students, an understanding of how meaning is shaped through stories told by film. Becoming creators of meaning, teachers and students are expected to engage in current societal problems and compel us to make a difference.
The hands-on projects attempt to expand understanding of film as an art-form delivering to participants meaningful units of film language. Digital Student Projects provide access to movie making tools and encourage use of new technologies. Dealing with themes from European reality, localized conceptions of place and identity, the projects present challenging views of national identity and European-ness.   
METROpolis METROpolis 5o Junior High School of Neapoli Thessaloniki Greece Panos Kourtidis 0:11:45
An innovative school in the bosom of Europe Ένα καινοτόμο σχολείο στην καρδιά της Ευρώπης High School of Kontariotissas Katerini Greece Dimitris Charitopoulos 0:11:00
PORTrait OF AN URBAN PUBLIC SPACE Το λιμάνι και η Πόλη: αναζητώντας ένα κοινό μέλλον Art Junior High School of Ampelokipoi Thessaloniki Greece Despoina Daraviga - Sofia Nika 0:10:15
Fishing Stories Ψαρεύοντας Ιστορίες Junior High School of Neoi Epivates Thessaloniki Greece Georgia Lymperopoulou 0:10:35
Sea Garden Θαλασσινός Κήπος Multicultural High School of Thessaloniki Greece Elena Ipliktsoglou 0:11:35
An open Hug Μια ανοιχτή Αγκαλιά Junior High School of Neapolis Agrinio Greece Georgios Papasotiris - Theodora Karageourgou 0:12:50
Rotunda Ροτόντα Pinewood - American International school Greece Aimilia Spiliakou 0:12:00
Sunday in Monastiraki Κυριακάτικος Περίπατος στο Μοναστηράκι 2nd Experimental Junior High School of Athens Greece Ourania Papadopoulou 0:11:00
Small actions for a friendly urban environment Μικρές παρεμβάσεις για ένα φιλικό αστικό περιβάλλον 3rd Junior High School of Aigaleo Greece Andreas Chatziminas/Filareti Kalomenidou 0:09:30
Lamia's Cycle Lanes Οι ποδηλατόδρομοι της Λαμίας 4th High School of Lamia Greece Gkotzamanis Odysseas - Triantafyllopoulou Christina 0:08:00
Enexal, Aluminium of Greece Enexal, το Αλουμίνιο της Ελλάδας Junior High School of Antikyra Viotia Greece Skoumpaflos Giorgos - Margaritis Ioannis 0:12:00
Arethousa Αρέθουσα Night High School of Chalkida Greece Ovadias Savvas - Konstadopoulou Anna 0:09:30
The Rehabilitation of the Ujhegyi Promenade of the Ujhegyi walkway Az Ujhegyi setany megujitasa Szent Laszlo Gimnazium Hungary   0:05:45
The Rehabilitation of the Community Courts in Kobanya The Rehabilitation of the Community Courts in Kobanya Kobanyai Gimnazium Hungary   0:02:40
Magic Wardrobe Varazsszekreny Szent Laszlo Gimnazium Hungary   0:13:15
Budapest for the Little Ones and the Grown-ups Budapest kicsiknek es nagyoknak Kolcsey Gimnazium Hungary   0:07:45
Modern Lowicz Girl Nowoczesna Lowiczanka General Secondary School
Poland Beata Bonczak 0:02:57
The ribbon Wstazka General Secondary School
no XXVI in Lodz
Poland Anna Kolaczkowska 0:03:53
The Past and The Present Day Kiedys/Teraz General Secondary School no
II in Lodz
Poland Aleksandra Sikora 0:03:36
The Visit Wizyta School Complex no 8 in Lodz Poland Monika Szymczak 0:05:02
The Princess Ksiezniczka General Secondary School
no VI in Lodz
Poland Magdalena Malinowska 0:02:58
Poddebice City of sun Poddebice Miasto Slonca General Secondary School
in Poddebice
Poland Wioletta Maas 0:04:28
PROSPECTS Perspektywa School Complex no 7
in Lodz
Poland Beata Kluska 0:10:11
Szydlow News Szydlow News School Complex
in Szydlow
Poland Lena Stanczuk 0:02:00