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PROGRAM EUFORIA II "Docs for Kids & Youth Screen on Wheels" - Documentary screenings for primary school students (6/6/2017)

"Docs for Kids & Youth Screen on Wheels"
Documentary screenings for primary school students
"Docs For Kids & Youth Screen On Wheels" is another special event that takes place as part of the successful European educational program EUFORIA II / European Films for Innovative Audience Development 2016 -2017 (Creative Europe, MEDIA) of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.  
The event, organized by the Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki -the Thessaloniki International Film Festival’s educational branch-, will be held on Friday June 9th, 2017, at TIFF’s Pavlos Zannas theatre (09:30). It is addressed to primary school students and presents three documentary films that were screened at the “Docs for Kids” section of the latest 19th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival. The films are Spotlight on Merna by Mirjam Marks, Buba & Sharon by Chiel Aldershoff and Ahmad's Hair by Susan Koenen (Audience Award for a film under 50’ in the International Selection of the 19th TDF).
Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki: Warehouse Α, Thessaloniki Port, tel. +30 2310-508398
The films:
Spotlight on Merna by Mirjam Marks (The Netherlands, 2016, 15’)
​The astonishing case of the 11-year-old Iraqi Christian Merna, who stole the show at The Voice Kids Arab. During the blind auditions, millions of people witnessed Merna singing a song about her people who suffer from the violence of war and the many refugee children of whom she is one. A feelgood documentary which is grounded on a painful contradiction: Merna’s uncertain life among the anonymous crowd of refugees vis-a-vis ephemeral stardom and its invisible forces.

Buba & Sharon by Chiel Aldershoff (The Netherlands, 2016, 16’)
​A documentary about a special friendship. Elephant Buba and circus girl Sharon have known each other all their lives. They perform together, but outside the circus ring they are also inseparable. After this summer, a new bill on wild animals in circuses will most likely send Buba away for good.
Ahmad's Hair by Susan Koenen (The Netherlands, 2016, 23’)
​The shy Ahmad (12) is new in the Netherlands. He is a refugee from the war in Syria. Ahmad would love to make Dutch friends, but he doen’t dare to make the first move. Most striking about Ahmad is his long hair. It’s long for a reason. It’s his way of giving something back for all the help he and his family have received from the Netherlands. While Ahmad's hair grows, so does his confidence. Will Ahmad succeed in making friends in the Netherlands?
EUFORIA (European Films for Innovative Audience Development) is a Film Education strategic plan focusing on Secondary Education and designed to support the idea of film in school, in the framework of cinema's great learning potential. The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is the main administrator of the EUFORIA program, responsible for the organization, coordination and supervision of the program’s common activities applied by the Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki (TIFF’s educational institution), the University of Spoleczna Akademia Nauk – San in Poland and the cultural organization Laterna Magica Kulturális és Oktatási Szolgáltató Kft in Hungary.