An innovative school in the bosom of Europe
High School of Kontariotissa Katerini, Greece, 2016  
  • Directed and Produced by: Konstantinos Alexiou, Anastasia Athanasiadou, Athanassia Bamicha, Maria Bamicha, Nikos Karathanos, Maria Kokkinoplitou, Kerassina-Despina Kokkinopliti, Christos Margaritidis, Eleni Zarkanela, Evaggelia Zkagia
  • School Project’s Supervisor: Dimitris Charitopoulos
  • Coordinator Director: Panagiotis Kountouras
  • Edited by: Panagiotis Kountouras
  • Production Assistant: Anna Karmiri
  • Music & Sound: Vaggelis Fampas
  • Starring: Athanasios Vrakopoulos, Dimitris Charitopoulos, Afentia Dimaki, Grigoris Kalomoiros, Maria Papathanassiou, Konstantinos Alexiou, Anastasia Athanasiadou, Athanassia Bamicha, Maria Bamicha, Nikos Karathanos, Maria Kokkinoplitou, Kerassina-Despina Kokkinopliti, Christos Margaritidis, Eleni Zarkanela, Evaggelia Zkagia, Ioannis Stergioulas
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Funded by the European Union and the Region of Central Macedonia, Kontariotisa's High School (Senior) has entered its third year of operation. A unique type of infrastructure for the standards of the rural community it belongs to, Kontariotisa High School is equipped with modern classrooms, lab spaces, a library and a multi-purpose room. These are spaces where teachers and students meet to exchange knowledge,to express creatively and collaborate productively.

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