Glory Sky (Ouranos)
Kanellopoulos Takis, Greece, 1962
  • Sreenplay: Takis Kanellopoulos , Giorgos Kitsopoulos
  • Cinematography: Grigoris Danalis, Giovanni Varriano
  • Editing: Takis Kanellopoulos
  • Music: Arghyris Kounadis
  • Cast: Aimilia Pitta (Sofia), Faidon Georgitsis (Stratos), Takis Emmanuel (Giagos), Eleni Zafeiriou, Niki Triantafillidi (Antoula)
  • Duration: 80'
  • Producer: Vasileia Drakaki
  • Color: Black and White
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October 26th, 1940: at a military outpost near the Greek-Albanian border, the soldiers lead a quiet life. October 29th, 1940: war with Italy has been declared and the soldiers are transferred to different units ,depending on their specialty. Spring 1941: the country has been occupied by Germany. The soldiers leave the front lines and walk back to their homes.

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