Open Hug
Junior High School of Neapoli, Agrinio
  • Directed and produced by: Iliana Argiri, ​Spiros Kerasiotis, Reveka Koutsikou, Xristina Skepetari, Rafaela Stamataki, Dimitris Tsiakalos, Dimitra Hasioti
  • School Project's Supervisors: Theodora Karageorgou, Georgios Papasotiris
  • Coordinator Director: Panagiotis Kountouras
  • Edited by: Panagiotis Kountouras
  • Production Assistant: Anna Karmiri
  • Music and Sound Mix: Vaggelis Fampas
  • Starring: Epaminondas Tantaros, Labrini Kolovou, Aleksandra Posonidou Kosma, Dimitra Tsouni, Eugenia Mpletsa, Maria Ntzatha
: Reviews :

A highly interesting film puzzle based on interviews of people who struggle for a purpose in life. Children, parents, scientists as well as employees, working together, offer care and strive for the rehabilitation of the disabled (ELEPAP).Their action is based exclusively on donations and volunteering. The new building of ELEPAP in Agrinio, in collaboration with European Union co-funding, was constructed to host these peoples' expectations. The building is acknowledged as work of value to society, especially nowadays, due to the difficult situations people experience.

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