ENEXAL, Aluminium of Greece
Junior High School of Antikyra Viotia, Greece, 2016  
  • Directed and Produced by: Dritsas Marios,  Ioannou Panagiota,  Kolokotronis Thodoris,  Margaritis Loukas,  Margariti Eirianna,  Papadimitropoulos Dimos,  Retsa Chrysa,  Stathis Konstadinos,  Theocharopoulou Aikaterini,  Zervakou Kalliopi,  Vidiados Alexandros
  • School Project’s Supervisors: Margaritis Ioannis, Skoubaflos Giorgos
  • Coordinator Director: Koutsiabasakos Dimitris
  • Editing & Sound Recording: Savoglou Giorgos
  • Music & Sound Mix: Vaggelis Fampas
  • Starring: Balomenos Efthimios, Dimitris Kastritis, Karavas Ioannis
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The documentary is about ENEXAL, a co-financed research project by the European Union whose main goal is to provide primary aluminium industry with “smart” and “green” innovative technological and economical solutions in order to remain both viable and competitive. Antikyra’s Junior High School students met the experts of Aluminium of Greece and collaborated with them to produce the final result.

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