THE ROUND-UP, (Szegenylegenyek)
Jancso Miklos,1965, Hungary
  • Director: JancsoMiklos
  • Script: HernadiGyula
  • Art direction: BanovichTamas
  • Cinematography: TamasSomlo
  • Editing: ZoltanFarkas
  • Color: Black & White
  • Duration: 88’
  • Cast: JanosGorbe as JanosGajdarZoltanLatinovits as ImreVeszelkaTiborMolnar as KabaiGaborAgardy as Torma (as AgardyGabor) AndrasKozak as Ifj. KabaiBelaBarsi as FoglarJozsefMadaras as MagyardolmanyosJanosKoltai as BelaVarjuIstvanAvar as Vallato I LajosOze as Vallato II
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In 1869, Count RadayGedeon is appointed government commissioner. His main duty is to ensure the safety of property and to capture the outlaws following the 1848-49, War of Independence. Raday, prone to intimidation, isn’t gentle and has his own way of dealing with things. The outlaws are taken to a castle prison called “The Trench” in Nagyalfold (Great Plain). Threatened and cruelly abused, both physically and psychologically, the outlaws are forced to betray their fellows. The former soldiers of Kossuth, the leader of the Hungarian freedom fight, become victimized due to their pride and dignity.

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