SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE, (ValaholEuropaban)
RadvanyiGeza, 1948, Hungary
  • Director: RadvanyiGeza
  • Script: BalazsBela, RadvanyiGeza, MariassyJudit
  • Cinematography: BarnabasHegyi
  • Art Direction: PanJozsef, Benda Miklos
  • Editing: Felix Mariassy
  • Music: BudayDenes
  • Assistant director: Avis Nohra
  • Color: Black & White
  • Duration: 100’
  • Cast: Horvath Laci (Kuksi) SomlayArtur (Simon Peter pianist) GaborMiklos (Hosszu) Banki (Zsuzsa the girl) GyorgyBardy(Police Commissioner)
  • FESTIVAL / AWARDS: 1948, Locarno International Film Festival. 2nd prize
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At the end of World War II, hungry, homeless children are roving aimlessly in Eastern-European roads. These starving and abandoned kids, often stick together and form gangs. A group, led by Hosszu, happens by chance upon Simon Peter, a conductor, who, secluded from the raging war within the rumbles of a castle awaits the advent of peace. The children and the old honest man gradually become friends. They join forces in defending the castle against a group of village people set against them. In an attempt to free some of their mates held in detention, a child is killed. By the film’s end the composer obtains an official paper from the new, democratic government, declaring that the castle is to be regarded as home for the little tramps.

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