TIME STANDS STILL, (Megallazido)
GotharPeter, 1982, Hungary
  • Director: Gothar Peter
  • Screenplay: BeremenyiGeza
  • Art direction: VargaAntal
  • Cinematography: LajosKoltai
  • Editing: Maria Nagy
  • Music: SelmecziGyorgy
  • Assistant director: Avis Nohra
  • Color: Color
  • Duration: 98’
  • Cast: AnikoIvan as Szukics Magda IstvanZnamenak as Dini PeterGalfy as WilmanPeter, “Vilma” Henrik Pauer as GaborSandorSoth as Pierre AgnesKakassy as Anya LajosOze as BodorPalHetenyi as Apa
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1963, a mother raises her two children alone. The father has left the country in 1956. Dini attends grammar school and Gabor prepares for the university where he wishes to study medicine. Dini is in love with Szukics Magda and admires Pierre, who knows and dares everything. Dini is about to discover the dirty and dishonest side of world. Bodor, his mother’s partner, teaches him how to be dishonest. Due to a scandal, Pierre is expelled from school. Dini, Magda and Pierre set off to the West in a stolen car. After having spent some fun time together, Dini returns from Balaton with Magda while Pierre disappears. A few years later and still Dini doesn’t know what to do with himself although the others around him seem to have found their way in life.

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