MEPHISTO (Mephisto)
SzaboIstvan,1981, Hungary
  • Director: SzaboIstvan
  • Script: Original novel by Klaus Mann screenplay by DobrayPeter, SzaboIstvan
  • Cinematography: LajosKoltai
  • Editing: Pete Sepenuk
  • Music: ZdenkoTamassy
  • Color: Color
  • Duration: 140’
  • Cast: Klaus Maria Brandauer - Hendrik HofgenKrystynaJanda - Barbara Bruckner IldikoBansagi - Nicoletta von Niebuhr Rolf Hoppe - TabornagyGyorgyCserhalmi - Hans MiklasPeterAndorai - Otto Ulrichs Karin Boyd - Juliette Martens Christine Harbort - LotteLindenthalTamas Major - Oskar KrogeIldikoKishonti - Dora Martin
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The German actor Hendrik Hofgen is driven by immense ambition and by his obsession for power and fame. Struggling to advance his acting career, the self-absorbed Hendrik is unconscionable. He marries the rich Barbara Bruckner, who is the daughter of an eminent politician, and moves to Berlin. His brilliant performance as Mephisto in Faust draws the attention and admiration of the Nazi party’s Prime Minister. Preoccupied with his stage career, Hendrik doesn’t realize his level of commitment to and compliance with the Nazi regime. The General, who is paving the way for Hendrik, appoints him head of the State Theatre. Though his wife leaves, he chooses to remain in Germany much to his friend’s disbelief whose wish is to rescue him. In his life Hendrik, rather than being Mephisto, he is Faust. He has entered into blind agreement with the devil. Fear grasps him, for the first time, as he is found exposed in an enormous stadium, the new, under construction Nazi theatre.

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