Cat City, (Macskafogo)
Ternovszky Bela, 1986, Hungary
  • Director: Ternovszky Bela
  • Script: Nepp Jozsef
  • Cinematography: Rudy Harbon
  • Editing: Pete Sepenuk
  • Music: Deak Tamas
  • Color: Color
  • Duration: 92’
  • Cast: Miklos Benedek - Mr. Fritz Teufel (voice) Gyula Bodrog - Maxipocak (voice) Ilona Beres - Pissy (voice) Peter Haumann - Safranek (voice) Andras Kern - Buddy (voice) Ferenc Kallai - Bob Poljakov (voice) Janos Kormendi - Mr. Gatto (voice) Istvan Miko - Lusta Dick (voice) Karoly Mecs - Edlington (voice) Vera Pap - Chino San (voice) Zsuzsa Palos - Pukie (voice) Laszlo Sinko - Grabovszky (voice) Gyula Szombathy - Billy (voice)
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In year 80 AM, Anno Mickey Mouse, the mice inhabiting Planet X are threatened with extinction. Well-organized and fully equipped gangs of evil cats are determined to wipe out mice's civilization, not caring about the old conventions between mice and cats. Just when the mice leaders begin to consider leaving the planet, a ray of hope is seen...

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