2015, Hungrary
  • Director: Jeles Laszlo, Royer Clara
  • Script: Nemes Jeles Laszlo
  • Music: Melis Laszlo
  • Cinematography: Matyas Erdely
  • Color: Color
  • Duration: 107’
  • Cast: Geza Rohrig as Saul - Levente Molnar as Abraham - Urs Rechn as Oberkapo Biedermann - Sandor Zsoter as Doctor Miklos Nyiszli -Todd Charmont as false Rabbi Braun - Uwe Lauer as SS-Oberscharfuhrer Voss - Christian Harting as SS-Oberscharfuhrer Busch - Kamil Dobrowolski as Oberkapo Mietek - Jerzy Walczak as Rabbi Frankel - Marcin Czarnik as Feigenbaum
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This is a two day journey into the life of Saul Auslander, a Hungarian prisoner working as a member of Sonderkommandos at one of Auschwitz’s Crematoriums. This is where Saul performs stoically his daily routines, removing bodies from the gas chambers and cleaning the floors. One day he happens upon the corpse of a boy he identifies as his son. Determined to give the boy a proper funeral, Saul departs on an almost impossible deed: to salvage the body and find a rabbi to perform the burial. While the Sonderkommando work units are threatened with extinction, Saul distances himself remaining focused on his original plan to retrieve the body of a son he never took care of when alive.

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